Relationship Issues and Couples Counseling

The main problems that seem to come up are:

  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Communication and listening Skills
  • Problem solving skills/conflict resolution
  • Trust issues
  • Re-embracing the physical passion you once felt
  • Avoidance or withdrawal
  • Boundaries

Relationship Issues / Couples Counseling

Our earliest relationships are the mother and father of all the other relationships that come later in life. If we are not aware of it and don’t have insight into it, we are bound to repeat and relive them over and over again. Learn that is it okay to agree to disagree. There doesn’t have to be a win/lose situation. My goal as a therapist is to create a warm environment for people who have never felt seen or heard or understood where they can finally feel safe. Therapy provides a chance to rework, repair, reparent, reweave, chances lost, parts of ourselves that never got developed into a new healthier, whole self. It provides another chance. In couples counseling, often the trust has been broken. In therapy, the couple learns how to establish a new foundation and re-build that trust, one brick at a time.

There are no wrong feelings. The skill is how you manage and express them.  We are so often afraid to give words to our feelings or ask for what we need, yet that is really the path toward freedom. It is so important to learn how to respond, rather than react, and to know the difference. What you will discover in doing those skills will empower you and improve the quality of all your relationships.  You will come to know what healthy arguments look like – to resolve conflict without blame.

Individuals and people in couples counseling can meet their goals when they realize their potential by understanding their strengths and weaknesses.  One issue that often is problematic is setting boundaries.

Having better boundaries will make life easier and less stressful. In couples counseling and relationship counseling, clear healthy boundaries brings an inner sense of peace and clarity.

Finding a couples therapist is an expression of hope.  It reflects a commitment to your relationship and demonstrates your love for each other.  It shows a willingness to recognize that seeking guidance from an experienced and caring professional will help you get clarity on your relationship and provide you with the tools and skills to strengthen it.  I am honored to assist you on that path toward a strong, happy, successful life together.