Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

Individuals and people in couples counseling can meet their goals when they realize their potential by understanding their strengths and weaknesses.  One issue that often is problematic is setting boundaries. Having better boundaries will make life easier and less stressful. In couples counseling and relationship counseling, clear healthy boundaries brings an inner sense of peace and clarity.

Personal boundaries is the line that marks where your personal and emotional space ends and others begins.  A healthy boundary is flexible, not rigid. You are responsible only for your own behavior, well-being and needs. You are not responsible for others’ feelings, needs, happiness, mood or behavior.  If you are unaware of your own needs and feelings, your focus is outside of yourself and will either be overly rigid, too flexible or flip-flop back and forth.

How to Achieve Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

Learning how to set healthy boundaries is a skill and the first step is identifying if you do need some help in this area.  In therapy, you will learn to pay attention to your interactions with others and notice if your behavior indicates poor boundary setting.  When you catch yourself being too rigid or flexible, try to change that behavior.  If you find it too challenging, you have identified an area where you can use some help.  Change takes time.

I am honored to assist you on that path toward a strong, happy, successful life together.

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